Here's a snapshot of what's possible having me speak at your event

My signature talk/workshop, Play and W.I.N., explores opportunities for you to:
 - creatively solve problems
- enhance your team culture
- expand team morale and enthusiasm
- upgrade personal and professional development
- increase productivity and profitability

Speaker Bio

Alex is an expert in sales and marketing, with a track record generating six-figures in revenue and six-figure launches. He has a background in psychology and a decade of leadership experience in the non-profit world.

 He also knows what it’s like to do everything that’s expected of you but still feel empty. He struggled for years but hid behind jokes and seeking approval, so he could fit in. It was really a mask for the pain and loneliness he constantly felt. And it led to using drugs for years and keeping anyone who wanted to get close at arm’s length.

Alex is now a father and a husband, with years of deep personal work behind him. He has partnered with his wife, Sarah—who has been a consultant to start-up companies and companies with over $80M in revenue—to create a high-performance business and consulting firm.

 Leaders who are stuck in feelings of scarcity, indecision, and negative thinking but want to build a high-performance business of their own, are the ones who call Alex.

Hear Here

Amplifying my voice to the world and sharing my insights hasn't always been the easiest thing for me to do.
Over the course of my growth as a coach and entrepreneur, I've found speaking as another powerful vehicle to connect with the world in an authentic, creative way.

My daily, 3-minute podcast, Love! Serve! Care! captures insights and lessons I gain from my everyday life as it relates to business.

My monthly show, Train of thoughT, allows you to be a fly on my wall of coaching as I share real coaching conversations. These are powerful experiences and gives you an outside look of what is going on inside of someone I work with.

Watch and/or listen to these and see the opportunities for your life and business within them.

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